The initial energy savings realized in most cases will more than pay for Temp$aver within the first year of use! *

Cost savings are just the beginning. The deteriorating effects of humidity on interiors as well as the wear and tear on HVAC equipment trying to ‘keep up’ with the load of open doors all play a huge role in your costs as a property owner.

  • A typical HVAC tech service call to de-ice a unit can be up to $300.
  • Avoid abusive use of heating and cooling by vendors – cleaning crews, maintenance, etc.
  • Up to 40% energy cost savings over current costs, depending on usage.
  • Check with your Accountant for possible tax credits for property improvements.
  • Tenants don’t care about your energy bills… Temp$aver closes the door on energy waste!
  • Less impact from humidity on furniture, paint, appliances, drapes & blinds as doors remain closed.
  • Mold and mildew growth is curbed for a much healthier environment.
  • Reduces cigarette smoke blowing into condo when smokers are on balcony.
  • Increased life expectancy with fewer repairs and/or service calls on all HVAC equipment.
  • Environmentally conscious decision that also saves you money!
  • Quick, wireless, professional installation allows you to begin saving NOW!
  • The product that keeps on giving.

* May vary with property usage schedule.

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